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We always give you more
  • Up to 60% discount.

  • 100% of vehicle value for the first two years of vehicle life.

  • 120% of market value from the third year.

  • Expenses paid to recover your points.

  • Premium network of garages with exclusive benefits.

  • Discount for additional vehicles.

  • Assistance in English operating 24 hours a day


Travel Assistance

Our 24-hour Travel Support coverage from the first km is a complete service that provides a solution in the event of breakdowns, accidents or robbery.

Includes coverage in Spain, Europe and countries in the Mediterranean:

Phone from Spain: 902 24 39 34
From Abroad: +34 915 94 94 22

Legal Support


We will be by your side to defend you in any situation with our Legal Defence.

Phone: 902 35 20 35

Expert opinions within 24 hours.


Your repairs will be done with the utmost flexibility. We will appraise your vehicle within 24 hours from when it enters the garage.

Phone from Spain: 902 24 39 34
From Abroad: +34 91 594 94 22
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